Thursday, June 3, 2010

Shop Found! Volpetti

Today, after a visit to the lovely Protestant cemetery in Testaccio, I made a stop at one of my favorite gastronomie, Volpetti. Any one who lives in Rome can attest to the splendor of this shop, unsurpassed in its selection cheeses - over 150 types from all over the world - and mind boggling assortment of salami and prosciutto. The shop is small but packed with displays that are truly edible works of art.

I especially enjoy the personable staff who are always eager to share their knowledge (and are incredibly generous with product samples!) It is a rare day when I leave the shop empty handed, but today I was shopping vicariously - my friend Mike was in search of some good olive oil. Alessandro Volpetti showed us three varieties, and Mike wisely selected a full-bodied local oil from Lazio, made by producer Bruno Battaglini.

We also sampled Volpetti's prized pecorino di fossa - a delicious, tangy cheese made from ewe's milk, made to order by the shop, and then aged for 8 months in their own caves.
In addition to cheese and meat, Volpetti also carries fresh pasta, torta di ricotta, my favorite torta di farro, tuna, salmon, olives, wine, balsamic vinegars, mostarde ... the list goes on and on. Truffles anyone?

If you visit you will definitely need one of these signature bags to cart home all your delicious purchases. Did I mention they can vacuum pack cheeses for travel?

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