Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Markets: Porta Portese

Last Sunday I headed out to the Porta Portese with 25 students in tow. I have to say that I was surprised that so many of them would get up so early to join me! And it turned out to be a good day at the market - lots and lots of inspiration, and a few purchases too!

The first thing that caught my eye were these old paintings of fruit. There was something about their simplicity that I found charming and I could definitely see them hanging together, with old wooden frames, no mattes ... perhaps in a kitchen?

I also spotted these larger oil paintings that made my head spin with visions of a dusty, abandoned turn of the century country estate with worn, over-stuffed furniture, fraying silk lampshades, a fireplace with a large mantle, cobwebbed wooden beamed ceilings... (are their eyes following me?) But what beauties! I could defintiely envision them cleaned up and framed, hanging in a dining room or den, maybe in an office or library? I wonder who the sitters are? And I hope that they are sold as a pair - would hate to see them separated!

Next I headed to one of my favorite stalls where I always find something cool. Too bad that the vendor consistently asks far too much for his items, and never comes down on his prices! I wanted these huge, rustic terracotta bowls BAD. But thankfully Lauren was there to talk me down.

I am kicking myself for not buying all 3 of these beautiful metal medallions that I saw at another table! I may have to try to find them next week - I could actually use them in their original function in my house in Seattle ... I have 3 chandeliers without ceiling medallions. But they could also be reused in some other way ... Not exactly sure how ... maybe some sort of wall art? I am feeling a a little creativity coming on.

Finally, my first purchase - a terracotta tile for my growing collection. Remember my post on Italian floor tiles? I am getting closer to my goal! Too bad these vendors from Naples didn't have a few more of these tiles. I love the black and white pattern. (The men kept telling me this was an old Giustiniani tile ... If true, dates to the 1830's. But there is no mark ... I will research this and report back.)

I had seen this box of ex-votos a few weeks back, but most of them were new, or I already had them in my collection. However, this week the box was filled with completely different stuff. Lauren and I picked through the entire stash and I selected no less than 8 of these silver beauties.
With my left over pocket change, I purchased a bunch of bitsy glasses etched with a holly pattern. Once I got them home I realized that they are probably too small for digestivi ... what was I thinking? They are like thimbles!

But the hit of the day was the coveted hand clamp that Lauren found for me ... I had been on the hunt for these for a while now ( I can picture a whole bunch sitting on my desk or mounted to the wall holding cards, notes, etc...) So thank you Lauren!! Another collection begins.


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