Monday, June 21, 2010

J Crew Love: Lisa's Picks

OK, don't judge, but I am really missing ... J. Crew. Thankfully I just realized that they post their catalogs online! Joy! While nothing beats endlessly pouring over the real thing, the electronic versions will have to do.

Here is a sampling of the items from the new July catalog that I am lusting after for summer:

I think I could simply step right into the scene above: I adore this entire outfit - from head to toe, perfection. I love oxfords (and bought no less than 3 pairs in different colors this winter.) I think a summer weight and color is in order. But $250 for these "camden suede brogues" is a little steep for this gal. Will try to find a Roman knock off.

I could also see myself in this outfit: the paisley bubble skirt is a bit of a surprise, but it works. I am digging the chunky leather belt and gray "haya two-tone pullover" styled in a shirt-mullet (a little tucked in, only in the front.) Cute and casual.

Who doesn't love the go-to ease and comfort of cargo pants? Imagine that in a DRESS ... Get in my closet! I give a big thumbs up to the belt and scarf ... (natch.)

Overall I am loving the juxtapositions in the summer collection, the unexpected contradictions - especially the blending of feminine and masculine pieces; dressy and casual, hard and soft .... these sequined or silk ruffle tanks paired with worn jeans are, in my opinion, a really chic, effortlessly-sexy look:

Scarf around the waist as a belt??!! Excellent idea.

J. Crew has been hitting it out of the park lately with their accessories - chunky necklaces or bracelets, usually shown layered (again, the hard/soft, masculine/feminine combo.) I am loving these:

Also, I anticipated the espadrille come-back when I was in Barcelona and stocked up on a few pair ... they really scream 'summer' and they are a comfortable alternative to the strappy gladiator sandal that has absolutely taken over. Happy to see the style legitimized in J. Crew ;)

And an old favorite, the chambray shirt! They show it with everything! I adore the added detail of the ribbon on the front - This could be accomplished with a simple ribbon run through a button hole ... I will definitely be snagging this trick. What about those shorts?? I think I love them, but I may hate them ... What do you think?

No question, these distressed jeans shorts are a must. And I love the layering of textures and long shirt/short jacket combo that they show here:

One of the things I like most about J. Crew is that, for the most part, their clothes are classics - I probably own some of the items, or something remarkably similar, already. So, the catalog provides lots of inspiration, and ideas on how to wear things I already own in new and updated ways. Theoretically I should get by with only buying one or two trendy pieces to mix in, right?! Ahem, we shall see!


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