Monday, May 31, 2010

Products I Love: Marvis

Oh how I love Marvis Classic Strong Mint toothpaste. Perhaps it is the texture, or the fresh, long-lasting peppermint flavor? Or, more likely, the great packaging? This tube is so pretty you want to leave it out on the counter! Even the cap is a work of art ... Either way, I love it. Marvis is made in Italy and comes in five flavors: Ginger Mint, Jasmine Mint, Paradise Fruit Mint, Aquatic Mint, and my favorite, Classic Mint. I have seen Marvis sold in the States in trendy shops like Anthropology for around $10 a tube. But here in Rome it costs less than $3 - time to stock up! Anybody need some??


1 comment:

CarolLight said...

I love the Jasmine Mint!


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