Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Paradise Found! Paestum

I am heading to one of my favorite places in Italy tomorrow - the Agriturismo Seliano in Paestum.
The Bellilli family have been running this farm and sprawling guest house for over 15 years. Awarded the noble title of Baron in 1806, the Bellilli also have the distinction of being one of the largest producers of mozzarella di bufala in Italy. SO, not only will we be strolling the lovely grounds of the Seliano, admiring the collection of fragrant roses and fruit trees in the gardens, perhaps even taking a dip in the large swimming pool, sharing 3 wonderful, homemade meals with the other intrepid guests (with whom we will exchange nods of congratulations for the good fortune that delivered us all to such a haven of delicious quiet and relaxation) ... BUT we will also visit Paestum's stunning 6th century BC, Greek temples:

And last, but certainly not least, we will get to tour the family's mozzarella factory, see the products being made by hand, and get to meet lots of these happy gals:

I can hardly wait!

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